Mission & Vision

  • The mission of the Global Concepts Charter School is to provide a top-quality educational program where students achieve high academic results; are geared towards higher education and career opportunities; become responsible, caring family and community members; are highly knowledgeable of the multicultural world they are part of; and possess the qualities and problem solving skills to collaborate peacefully in the community and worldwide.

    Children will also gain an awareness of other cultures and basic moral values in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  Global Concepts Charter School (GCCS) is committed to providing a safe and orderly educational environment, supplying each child an opportunity to grow academically, increase self-esteem, physical and mental health, and to develop an appreciation for the fine arts.  This school is a community where everyone lives and learns together, where each person has individual rights and responsibilities.  We are excited to have you join our school community.  Welcome to Global Concepts Charter School!

    Our school follows and adheres to the New York State Learning Standards and Common Core Learning Standards.  We participate in state wide standardized testing of students in grades three to eight. We are proud of our testing results, which are one of many indicators of student achievement.

    We hope to work together with you to meet the needs of our students.  We welcome and need parents' involvement in the school. Children who see that their parents value education, take pride in their children's work, and support the school in which they attend, grow to understand that education is an important part of their lives.

    The staff at Global will provide experiences to develop positive attitudes for learning, leading to self-direction, responsibility, and community concern.  Our school framework for conduct includes policies to enable students to learn in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.  These policies and procedures help to develop, within the individual, a sense of good judgment consistent with a desirable system of values. Global's Code of Conduct outlines the expectations for behavior while at school and at school-related functions and it is included as part of this booklet.
    As always, we encourage you to take an active role in your child's classroom during the year and attend the various school functions offered by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Please make a point to become familiar your child's classroom routines and expectations for homework and communicate with your child's teacher using a daily assignment book or agenda.  Good communication and cooperation from school to home are essential to ensure the success of your child.  On behalf of the teachers, Board of Trustees, and members of the Parent Teacher Association, we thank you for choosing Global Concepts Charter School and look forward to working with you and your child.


    Our Vision

    The Global Concepts Charter School will be a top-rated educational institution.  Our students' academic progress will meet and exceed the State's standards.  All students will be held to high standards, and will be highly supported to reach and surpass those standards.  The Global Concepts Charter School will be known for an innovative curriculum that prepares students academically, as well as in character, for the world of their future.  It clearly will not be the school of the past.


    • Parents and community will be involved at Global Concepts Charter School.  They will be welcomed, invited, and appreciated for their part in the success of the charter school.

    • Children will be recognized for their academic achievement and admirable character.  They will exhibit an excitement for learning.

    • The school will be renowned for its excellent educational program.

    • Parents will continue to communicate their desire to enroll their child in the Global Concepts Charter School.


    Our Beliefs

    We believe...

    • The sharing of ideas and learning, through cooperative efforts, enables our youth to take initiative and demonstrate responsibility while competing in a global society.

    • The presence of honesty and respect is an assurance to all that a safe, non-threatening environment exists

    • When a sense of perseverance and optimism prevails in all areas, promoting such pleasure in learning that education becomes a life long journey for everyone.

    • The learning of skills and aptitudes enables all students to function with confidence and courage, which continually serves to meet and raise expectations.

    • An equal educational opportunity, with compassion and adaptability, addresses individual needs with a program of courses to prepare students for an ever-changing world.

    • A sense of trustworthiness and loyalty promotes community ownership, making school personnel and parent equal partners and stakeholders.Students are unique individuals who have the potential to learn.

    • Students share the responsibility for their education.

    • Students can develop self-discipline, pride, resourcefulness, acceptance of others responsibility, and confidence.

    • Students learn to make behavioral choices based on values, rules, rewards, and consequences.

    • Parental involvement is essential in promoting learning and a love for learning.

    • Parents, schools, and community cooperate for the benefit of every student.

    • Teachers and community create a learning environment in which students succeed & thrive

    • Administrators and school board members promote open and honest communication within the school and community.

    • The community and the school are a resource for each other.


    Our Philosophy

    Grades K - 12

    We believe ...

    • that children learn in different ways.

    • that all children can succeed if given sufficient time and support.

    • that we live in a diverse world of many different cultures, histories, and languages, and we need to be proficient in understanding and living in a diverse community.

    • that the diversity of our school community is one of our greatest assets.

    • that self-discipline is the key to forming excellent study habits.

    • that all academic disciplines are important.  Children need to read and write often, receive constructive and encouraging feedback, and develop a love for reading and writing 

    • that follows them throughout their life.

    • that reading transcends the disciplines.

    • that children need to be team players and need to know how to solve problems peacefully.

    • that a child with admirable character and enthusiasm, nurtured in a warm, positive climate will succeed.

    • that the home has everything to do with a child's success in school.

    • that a child needs to be well rounded in education, the arts, and physical fitness to enjoy a rich, meaningful life.

    • that parents, extended family, and school staff are a child's role models.

    • that a school is an integral part of its community, and it prepares students to interact during their lifetime in their local, national, and international communities.