Starting in Kindergarten, every student at GCCS is enrolled in violin classes.  Students learn how to read and play music through the violin.  Students attend classes for an hour a week.  They learn songs and move levels.  Students have the opportunity to become a Little Twinkler or a Super Star.  GCCS's violinists received First place trophies from the Darien Lake competition for the past two years. Students are also involved in the community by playing the violin at retirement homes, at Winter Fest, and at the Botanical Gardens.  


Violin Instructors:

Paul Struckmann - [email protected]

Alexandra Savka - [email protected]


Songs to Download:

click on the title of the song to download



Ghost of John A Part

Ghost of John B Part

Ghost of John C Part

Ghost of John D Part

Ghost of John Piano Part

Ghost of John Violin with Piano Part

Ghost of John A & B

Ghost of John C & D 

Ghost of John Performance Tempo 

Ghost of John Slowly

El Cucu Spoken

El Cucu Violin and Piano

Part A

Part B 

Part C

Entire Song

Violin Performance Tempo

Piano with Violin