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District Office: (716) 821-1903

Policies / Code of Conduct

Grades K - 8

To download a copy of the student / parent handbook in which contains the code of conduct, click HERE.

Our Mission

The mission of Global Concepts Charter School is to provide a top-quality educational program where students achieve high academic results; are geared towards higher education and career opportunities; become responsible, caring family and community members; are highly knowledgeable of the multicultural world they are part of; and possess the qualities and problem solving skills to collaborate peacefully in the community and world.

We will accomplish this mission through a curriculum that combines a standards-based core curriculum emphasizing focus on character education in both our academic and fine arts components; accountability in a results-based delivery of instruction; and a strong emphasis on family and community involvement.  Presented in an encouraging learning environment, the charter school's mission will guide our students to develop a lifelong love for learning.

Our Vision

The Global Concepts Charter School is a top-rated educational institution. Our students' academic progress is designed to meet and exceed the State's standards.  All students will be held to high standards, and will be  supported to reach and surpass these standards. The Global Concepts Charter School will be known for a  curriculum that prepares students academically, as well as in character, for their future. 

  • Parents and community will be involved at Global Concepts Charter School.  They will be welcomed, invited, and appreciated for their part in the success of the charter school.

·     Children will be recognized for their academic achievement and admirable character. They will exhibit an excitement for learning.

·     The school will be renowned for its excellent educational program.

·     Parents will continue to communicate their desire to enroll their child at the Global Concepts Charter School.

Our Beliefs

We believe that...

·     The sharing of ideas and learning, through cooperative efforts, enables our youth to take initiative and demonstrate responsibility while preparing to function in a global society.

·     The presence of honesty and respect is essential to a safe, non-threatening learning environment.

·     When a sense of perseverance and optimism prevails, promoting pleasure in learning, education becomes a life long journey.

·     The hard work of learning skills and aptitudes enables students to continually meet and raise expectations

·     A sense of trustworthiness and loyalty promotes a sense of community , making school personnel and parents equal partners and stakeholders in education

·     Students are unique individuals who have the potential to learn

·     Students must share responsibility for their education

·     Students can develop self-discipline, pride, resourcefulness, acceptance of others, responsibility, and confidence

·     Students learn to make behavioral choices based on values, rules, rewards, and consequences

·     Parental involvement is essential in promoting learning and in developing a love of learning

·     Parents, schools, and community cooperate for the benefit of every student

·     Teachers and the community create a learning environment in which students succeed and thrive

·     Administrators and school board members promote open and honest communication within the school and community

·     The community and the school are a resource for each other

Admissions & Enrollment

GCCS follows New York State Educational Guidelines for Admissions/Enrollment. Maximum Allowable Enrollment - approved by the New York State Education Department and is based on 25 students per class and 3 classes at each grade level, except in an expansion year, as follows:

2014-2015 School Year              K-8         675 Students


Cut-Off Date for new students

If targeted enrollment is achieved for the particular school year, GCCS will not accept new students after October 1st of the school year. This is necessary in order to maintain a high level of education due to increased consistency and stability of the student population.

If targeted enrollment is not maintained during the school year, GCCS may remain open until targeted enrollment is achieved. Students will be first selected from the current wait-list. If no wait-list exists, "outside" students will be selected. Principal and/or CEO retains the right to close off grade levels as they fill.

For emergency conditions, despite having targeted enrollment, GCCS will accept additional students at the discretion of the Principal and/or CEO.


Student Leave During School Year

If a parent/guardian of a child decides to leave GCCS during the school for a period of greater than two weeks, for any reason whatsoever, they forfeit their place on the roster. This is in accordance to New York State Educational Regulations and Guidelines. This position will be filled from the current wait-list.

If no wait-list exists for that particular grade level, it shall be up to the discretion of the Principal and/or CEO regarding re-enrolling the student(s). For re-enrollment, the parent must fill out an application and re-register as a new student to GCCS.


Exit Process

For any reason, if a parent decides to exit GCCS, an exit interview shall be conducted with the Principal or CEO and the Parents/Guardians of the student must complete an exit form.


Student Information

Emergency Information Forms

During the first week of school or upon registration, parents complete the School Emergency Contact Form; call the school to have a copy sent home with your child.  Having this information returned promptly and correctly is very important.  You should immediately contact the school office staff to update your family's emergency information any time a change occurs during the school year.


Telephone Number and Address Changes

Parents are to notify the school immediately if there is a change in their address, telephone number, day care, or person to contact in an emergency.  This information is very important in case a student becomes ill or injured during the school day.  The Change of Address Form is available upon request.


Regular attendance is essential to success in school.  A student not only misses instruction and class work on the day of absence, but also is not prepared for the next day's instruction and assignments.  Punctual and regular daily attendance is required of all students.  All registered students are required to attend all classes.


We ask that you notify the school office by phone (821-1903) before 8:00 a.m. on the morning of your child's absence.

Students are to bring a dated, written excuse for every absence signed by the parent or guardian upon returning to school.  Please indicate the date, the reason for the absence, and the full name of the student and classroom teacher.

When a student is absent, without prior notice, the designated staff member will notify the student's parents by phone during the day of the absence.



Students arriving after the official start of the school day (8:00 a.m.) are tardy.  The parent and student go directly to the Front Desk upon their arrival.  The parent must sign the student into the school, and the student obtains a hall pass.  Students should bring a dated written excuse, signed by the parent or guardian, for every tardy.  Students on late busses are not tardy.


Early Pick-up

Please send a written request to have a student excused from class early with the student on the morning of the early dismissal. If a written request is not possible, please call the school by 12:00 to arrange for early pick up. The time and reason for leaving should be included.  Parents should report to the front desk to meet their child. Students are expected to be in school until 3:30pm. Early release is discouraged from school and is tracked on student report cards.



All absences, tardiness, and early departures from school are classified as excused or unexcused.

·     An excusedabsence, tardiness, or early dismissal includes one of the following reasons: personal illness, medical/dental appointment, death/illness in the family, delay in school bus transportation, or religious observance.

·      An unexcused absence, tardiness, or early dismissal may include one of the following reasons: being sent home for improper hygiene/head lice, lack of transportation, babysitting duties, family vacation, shopping, missed bus, oversleeping, lack of proper clothing, and lack of written excuses for absences or tardiness.



Regular attendance is essential to success in school .Students who are absent more than 20 days per school year may be recommended to repeat their current grade level as determined by the Student Support Team (SST) with approval from the school principal. The student must complete all class work due to an absence in a reasonable amount of time.


Promotion and Retention

Grade Promotion: Students in Grades K-2 are promoted based on performance in the core subjects of reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Students in grades 3-6 are promoted based on an overall passing grade (65%) in all core subjects (reading, writing, math, science, social studies). Students in grades 7-8 are promoted based on an overall passing grade (65%) in four (4) out of five (5) core subjects (English, math, science, social studies, foreign language). All New York State requirements must also be met in addition to these GCCS requirements.

Attendance Monitoring

The following procedures apply when a student's absence rate, tardiness, or early dismissal (excused or unexcused) exceeds 10 days during the school year:

·     Written notification of the total days absent, tardy, or early dismissal and a summary of the attendance policy will be mailed to the home.

The following procedures apply when a student's absence, tardiness or early dismissal rate reaches 18 days during the school year:

·     Written notification of the total days absent, tardy, or early dismissal and a summary of the attendance policy will be mailed to the home.

·     A parent conference will be held with the principal, counselor and where appropriate the classroom teacher.

·     Academic standing and grade promotion will be discussed


Intervention Strategies

A variety of strategies, other than those mentioned above, may be employed when a pattern of absences, tardiness, or early departures have been identified.  These strategies include, but are not limited to:

  • Referral to appropriate school personnel (i.e. school counselor, nurse, or FASST)

·     Referral to Child Protective Services for educational neglect.

·     Referral to the Family Court System for Person in Need of Supervision (PINS) petition.


Student Arrival

·     Classroom instruction begins at 8:00 am for grades K - 6, 7:55 am for grades 7 and 8.

·     The breakfast program operates between 7:15 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. 

·     Students driven to school by parents should not arrive before 7:45 a.m., unless they are participating in the breakfast program.

·     All students arriving prior to 7:45 a.m. should proceed directly to the cafeteria area or designated area.

·     Students are not to arrive before 7:15. Supervision is not available.


Student Dismissal

·     Dismissal for students who walk or who are being picked up by a parent/guardian is 3:30 p.m. Students who will not ride the bus must be picked up between 3:30 p.m. and 3:35 p.m.  Bus dismissal starts promptly at 3:40 p.m.  Any student not picked up by 3:40 p.m. will be placed on their scheduled bus.

·     Dismissal for students riding the bus is between 3:35 and 3:55 p.m.

·     If a parent or guardian is picking up their child, the parent or guardian is to report to the front desk and sign the Dismissal Log between 3:20 and 3:30. 

·     Parents must provide written notification in advance of any changes in their child's dismissal schedules.  While written notification is preferred, the school will honor "emergency" requests to the school office personnel from parents by telephone.  Please contact the school with emergency requests before 12:00 p.m.


Students are released only to a parent or guardian

In order for a child to be released to a family member/friend whose name is not listed on the Emergency Contact Form, the office must receive a note from the parent/guardian approving such release or a phone call from a number listed in our database.  The adult must show identification to the front desk receptionist before signing out the student.

Emergency School Closing

(Do You Have a Family Emergency Plan?)

The principal of Global Concepts Charter School is responsible for school closing.  All school closings will be announced on television channels 2, 4, & 7 and radio station WBEN as soon as possible in relation to the emergency.   In some cases, students may need to be dismissed before the end of the regular school day without prior notice.  Families should be prepared with an emergency plan for such occasions.  Contacting the school to set up last minute arrangements should not be part of your family plan.  It is vital that all students know where to go in case no one is home when they arrive.  All students should know their family's emergency plan and its alternatives.

Breakfast/Lunch Programs

Global Concepts Charter School's Café serves  lunches and breakfasts every regular school day.  We invite all students to take part in the breakfast program.  Allstudents participating in breakfast arrive in their classroom before 8:00 a.m. for attendance.

Free or reduced-priced lunches and breakfasts are available to those who qualify.  Application forms are sent home at the beginning of the year and may be obtained during the school year by calling the school office. Students that do not have a cafeteria account paid in full may be served an alternative lunch until payment is made.


Bus Transportation and Student Conduct Responsibilities


Free transportation is available for all pupils in grades K-8 who live more than one-half mile from the school, and grades 7-12 who live more than 1 1/2 miles from the school, in accordance with NYS Educational Transportation Guidelines.


Duration of Ride

GCCS will attempt to limit a student's one-way bus ride home to no more than 60 minutes as measured from the time a student gets on the bus to the time that the student gets off the bus.


Students with Exceptional Educational Needs

Special transportation provisions will be arranged based upon the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).


Student Discipline/Removal from Bus

Transportation is a privilege and students may be prohibited from riding a school bus, either temporarily or permanently by the Principal, Dean of Students, or designee, when the actions, activities or behavior of the student necessitate such action.  Removal from the bus may be progressive, with a verbal warning, 1, 3 or 5 day suspension.  After a suspension is served, the following incident may result in permanent removal from the bus. For any suspension, it shall be the parent's responsibility to transport their child to and from school.  This is necessary in order to preserve the safety of all children at GCCS.  Based on the nature of the incident, the Principal and / or Dean of Students retains the right to remove a student from the bus immediately. 


After School Activities

It is the parent's responsibility to provide transportation home. For all after school activities, it is the parent's responsibility to provide transportation home.  Global Concepts offers a wide variety of After School Activities for students in grades 5 to 8. A child assigned detention is excluded from all activities until the detention is served.  Students must be picked up on time from after school activities, or they may be excluded from participating.


After School Detention

It is the parent's responsibility to provide transportation home. Detention is served for one hour after school is over, from 4 to 5pm. If the child does not attend detention on the designated day, the Dean of Students will assign a make-up day of detention. Saturday Detention will be assigned as a consequence when necessary.


Saturday Detention

Saturday Detention runs from 8:30-11:30.  It is the parents responsibility to provide transportation to and from school for Saturday Detention. If a student is assigned Saturday Detention and does not attend, then an administrator may assign a one-day suspension from school.


Transportation for students to/from child care providers

Bus transportation is available only within regularly scheduled bus routes.


Changes in Transportation

Students are expected to ride the same route to and from school.  However, if the parent fills out a transportation change verification form, GCCS will consider transporting the student if the change is regular and consistent from week to week.  Requests for permanent changes in the established drop off/pickup points must be made in writing to the school one week before the change is to occur.  Regarding unexpected temporary emergency changes, notice should be given to the building secretary prior to 9:00 am for a change in the student's delivery to other than the regular (existing) drop off point, and will be granted at the discretion of the Principal or designee.  This should be made in writing if possible, and include the contact person, address and phone number, 1 day prior to change.


Bus Conduct

For a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school, students should be aware of and follow the listed rules for good behavior on the school bus. Please review the expectations listed below with your child:

·     Remain seated until the bus comes to a stop and door opens.

·     No food or beverages are to be consumed on the bus.

·     Use quiet voices, appropriate language, and refrain from fighting or throwing anything.

·     Follow the directions of the bus driver and wait for a signal before crossing the street in front of the bus.

·     Keep hands and personal belongings inside any open bus windows.

·     No live animals or glass containers are allowed on the bus.

·     Violins may be carried, but must be placed on the students lap or held vertically on the floor between the seats.

·     The bus driver or a school representative may assign bus seats as required.

Student Conduct

GCCS encourages all students to behave appropriately and act with individual responsibility.  When individuals treat others with mutual respect, we enhance the teaching and learning environment.  When individuals abide by the school's Code of Conduct, they help create a safe environment.


Code of Conduct

Student Expectations

Students share the responsibility for making their school a safe and secure environment for living and learning.  They should take an active part in the development of the expectations and the consequences of a code of behavior.

Students are expected to:

·     Treat others with courtesy, kindness, and respect

·     Attend school regularly and be on time

·     Come to class with appropriate materials

·     Be prepared for class with the appropriate materials and homework completed. Students will not participate in cheating or plagiarizing their work or the work of others

Prohibited Student Conduct:

Engage in a conduct that is disruptive, insubordinate or disorderly

Engage in conduct that is violent

Engage in any conduct that endangers the safety, morals, health or welfare of others

Engage in harassing behaviors that are physical, verbal or sexual


Sexual Harassment

Students have the right to learn in an environment where they are treated with respect and dignity.  GCCS does not tolerate misconduct of a sexual nature in the school, on the way to or from school, or on the school bus.  Such conduct includes improper language, offensive gestures and physical contact.  Please report all incidents immediately to the teacher or school office staff.  Such behavior is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may be disciplined up to and including expulsion.


Bullying / Harassment / Dignity for All Act

Global Concepts holds a zero tolerance policy in regards to bullying and harassment of students.  In efforts to make Global the safest school environment possible and in order to stay in compliance with the Dignity for All Act, all reports of bullying made to staff members and administration will be investigated.  If found to be true, they are subject to disciplinary actions up to and including suspension and expulsion from school.

New York State's Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act) seeks to provide the State's public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function. The original legislation amended State Education Law by creating a new Article 2 - Dignity for All Students. The Dignity Act also amended Section 801-a of New York State Education Law regarding instruction in civility, citizenship, and character education by expanding the concepts of tolerance, respect for others and dignity to include: an awareness and sensitivity in the relations of people, including but not limited to, different races, weights, national origins, ethnic groups, religions, religious practices, mental or physical abilities, sexual orientations, gender identity, and sexes. The Dignity Act further amended Section 2801 of the Education Law by requiring Boards of Education to include language addressing The Dignity Act in their codes of conduct. Additionally, under the Dignity Act, schools will be responsible for collecting and reporting data regarding material incidents of discrimination and harassment.

Illegal Drugs and Alcohol (possession/personal use/providing for others)

Illegal drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted on school property or on any school excursion and may result in an expulsion.  If students are found to be experiencing difficulties with substance abuse; the student will receive a referral to counseling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and possibly an alternative learning environment. Persistent disregard could result in criminal charges and possible expulsion.



Smoking is not permitted in the school building, on school grounds, or on any school excursion. Any vapor type devices will considered as smoking for students. The items will be confiscated and appropriate consequences given


Social Media

Bullying, harassment, discrimination, etc. that is reported to staff / administration that has occurred on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will be investigated thoroughly. If any of the inappropriate behaviors are found to be true, administration will handle them as if they occurred in the building and consequences will be given as such.  This is for the safety of all of our students and also to stay in compliance with the Dignity for All Act.


Disciplinary Action

A breach of discipline may be either of a major or minor nature.

·     Classroom teacher and the parent in accordance with the nature of the offense will handle a minor breach of discipline.  In addition, teachers also have a behavior management tool. 

·     A major breach of discipline will be handled by the a building administrator and the teacher in one or more of the following:

a.    Student receives a verbal warning.

b.    Upon determination of the administration and teacher, the school contacts the parents regarding the offense and in written form, if necessary.

c.    Repeated major incidents will result in a loss of privileges and parents and/or guardians receive notification.

d.    A parent conference with the Dean of Students and/or Principal and teacher may be required.

·     Staff and Administration holds the rights to give any of the following disciplinary actions:

a.    After School Detention - the student will remain after school following notification of the parents. A teacher assigns detention and the student's attendance is required. Student's assigned detention are excluded from all activities until detention is served. Failure to serve detention will result in a Saturday detention.

b.    In-school suspension is given by administration as administration deems fit. Students are given multiple opportunities while in ISS to showcase positive behaviors and return to the classroom at the completion of their consequence.  If the student does not exhibit the type of behaviors necessary to return to the classroom, additional time in ISS may be assigned.  If the student still does not comply with ISS protocol, then Out of School Suspension (OSS) may be the result.  While in ISS, students will still receive all state mandated services and will have an opportunity to complete all of the work that is being completed on that day in the general education classroom.

c.    Suspension - the student will be excluded from school for one to five days, following the notification of the parents.  A parent conference will be honored within 24 hours of the suspension.  The administration prepares a letter describing the student's misconduct reflecting the discipline code and specifying the number of days the student must remain out of school.  Arrangements for tutoring will be attached to the written notification of the suspension.


Dress Code

All students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade at Global Concepts Charter School are required to follow the dress code.


·     Solid navy blue jumper, skirt (no more than 2 inches above the knee), or navy blue dress pants (no jeans or sweatpants). If a student chooses to wear a culture dress - that student must wear dress code pants underneath if they determine that under-attire is necessary.

·     Knee length navy blue shorts on warm days.

·     Solid navy blue, light blue or white sweatshirt with no hood, v-neck, cardigan sweater, or turtleneck

·     Short or long sleeve, solid white or navy/light blue polo, or oxford shirt (button down), Undershirts are not considered appropriate when worn alone.  Shirts without collars are not allowed alone. All undershirts must be either white, light blue, navy blue, black or grey. 

·     Rubber sole shoes or sneakers (no sandals or open toe shoes)


·     Solid navy blue dress pants (no jeans or sweatpants)

·     Knee length navy blue shorts on warm days.

·     Solid navy blue, light blue or white sweatshirt with no hood, v-neck, cardigan sweater, or turtleneck

·     Short or long sleeve, solid white or navy/light blue polo, or oxford shirt (button down), Undershirts are not considered appropriate when worn alone.  Shirts without collars are not allowed alone.  All undershirts must be either white, light blue, navy blue, black or grey.

·     Shirt must be tucked in.

·     Rubber sole shoes or sneakers (no sandals)


All Students: Must maintain healthy and safe hygiene (skin, fingernails, hair, and clothing should be clean and neat).

·     No colored hairsprays, distracting pony tails (i.e. unnatural multi-colored that blends in with natural hair), no distracting or colored hair dyes, NO MOHAWKS OR EXTREME HAIRSTYLES.

·     No facial piercings

·     Teeth should be brushed and dental hygiene maintained

·     Clothing should be clean upon arrival to school

·     Prescription glasses should be worn as required by your child's doctor

·     Provide a change of clothing and undergarments if your child has a medical need or has accidents

·     Sneakers with socks are REQUIRED by New York State School Law for Physical Education Classes

·     Please send your child with rubber sole shoes when wearing boots to school due to weather. Boots are not proper or safe footwear during school hours and are not considered dress code.

·     ABSOLUTELY NO denim (jean) clothing, windbreaker pants, sweatpants, or striped pants

·     Shoes or sneakers must be tied at all times; no sandals or high platform shoes or boots

·     All shirts must be buttoned and fully tucked in with no shirttails hanging out

·     No bare midriffs, baggy, low-rise, multi-colored pants or holes in pants

·     No hats, hoods, jackets or outerwear while inside the building (please provide your child with a sweater or sweatshirt if needed); (exception: religious or cultural reasons)

·     No visible tattoos, fake tattoos, or painted, colored, or marked skin (only exception: religious or cultural tradition)

·     Unless otherwise notified through written documentation, students must follow the dress code daily


Please keep in mind that the goal of GCCS is to present a group of well dressed, professional looking young

people. Dress code will be checked daily.  If a student is found out of compliance, then they will be removed from the classroom and placed in the In-School Suspension room until proper attire can be obtained for the student. 

Please also keep in mind that your child will mature and physically develop over the upcoming year and you may need to purchase new or larger clothes and shoes.  It is also your responsibility to make sure your child comes to school everyday safe and in clean clothes.  While elementary students do spill drinks and food on them, it is crucial that their school clothes are properly maintained and cleaned on a daily basis.

When necessary, parents will be notified by a school official to discuss any unsafe or unhealthy hygiene patterns.  Please feel free to contact the school counselor or principal if you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance regarding any of the above. We want to help you and your child to stay safe, healthy, and happy all year long!

All required dress code items can be purchased in places such as department stores, Wal-Mart, Target, Payless, or on-line.  If your child no longer fits into their school clothing, you can donate it to the school nurse to reuse the items.


Learning is an important continuous process and should continue after school hours.  Daily homework is not punishment, but rather a way to encourage and extend learning.  We are educating children to be lifelong learners, who as adults, will continue to learn new skills and information independently.  A student's homework time requirements will depend on their grade level.  Nightly reading and regular violin practice are part of the homework expectations. 

Reasons for homework:

·     To provide extra practice on learned skills

·     To provide further learning in areas covered in the classroom

·     To provide an opportunity for students to learn good work and study habits

·     To provide an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility

Parents can assist their child to improve homework habits and violin skills when they:

·     Cooperate with the school to make homework effective

·     Review the Agenda Notebook or Take Home Folder each day

·     Provide their child with suitable study conditions (desk or table, lights, books, and supplies)

·     Reserve a time for homework without disruptions

·     Encourage their child, but avoid undue pressure

·     Show interest in what their child is doing, but not doing the work for them

·     Understand that the school expects homework to be completed and returned on time

Grades may be affected if a student repeatedly does not turn homework in.



It is not necessary to request homework for a one-day absence.  If a child will be out for a few days and is well enough, parents may notify the secretary before 10:00 a.m. with their request for schoolwork.  Assignments may be picked up in the office after 3pm. All missed assignments due to an absence, tardy, or early dismissal, must be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Reporting Student Progress To Parents

Continuous communication between the home and school provides for a basis of understanding and support that will unite our efforts to help each student's growth and development.  There are three times during the year designated as parent portfolio days and one open house.  Each parent portfolio day is posted on the school calendar.  Notices are also sent out reminding parents.  Additional conferences may be requested by the teacher or parent at any mutually agreed upon time during the year.  Parents are expected to utilize these opportunities to meet with their child's classroom teacher.


School Health Office

Health Services are provided to promote and maintain the health of all schoolchildren. The school nurse is available during school hours for any student who feels ill or is injured during the school day.  The school is responsible for first aid measures only.  The school is responsible for limited and initial first aid care for school related accidents only.  Therefore, the school nurse cannot do daily dressings of wounds incurred at home or at school.


If a student requires further medical attention due to illness or injury, the school nurse contacts the parents or guardians by phone.  It is the parents' responsibility to provide transportation in the event a student needs to go home or needs further medical attention.  The school nurse is an important part of the link between the home and the school.  It is vital that the school has several emergency numbers so we may notify parents if their child is ill or injured.

Students who need medication during school hours must have a medication permission form filled out by the doctor specifying the name of student, medication, dosage, time, route, and parental or guardian signature acknowledging the medication is to be given.  Medication permission forms are available in the health office.  An adult must bring the medication to school.  All medication, even those considered "over the counter" needs doctor's orders and parental signature.  Notify the school nurse if your child is on any medications, short or long term.

The school nurse cannot serve as a substitute for the family doctor.  Therefore, an ill child should not be sent to school for the school nurse to determine if the child is well enough to be in school.  Instead, consult with your family doctor.

Accidents occurring at home are the responsibility of the parents and cannot be treated by our school personnel.  

School Medical Exclusions

Please do not send your child to school if the following symptoms appear:

·     Any student with undiagnosed skin eruptions on head, face, or body

·     Any student who has an inflamed condition of the eye or eyes

·     Any student who has head or body lice — or nits

·     A student with a temperature of 100 or more / who has not been fever-free for 24 hours

·     Students having suspicious oral irritations

·     If the symptoms of nausea or vomiting have occurred during the night, a child should remain at home until symptoms have subsided for 24 hours.

Students need up to date immunizations and a current physical examination prior to initial school entrance.


Exclusions from Physical Education Class

Parents or guardians requesting that a student be excused from Physical Education must present a written request from a physician stating the reason for the exclusion.

English as a Second Language

Global Concepts Charter School has certified teachers who provide instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to all English Language Learners (ELLs).  ESL classes are designed to develop the skills and strategies necessary for ELLs to become proficient in English succeed in the academic mainstream.

NYS ESL Learning Standards are designed to help students acquire English. ELLs fully participate in mainstream classrooms while they are acquiring both basic and academic English language skills.

All ELLs are assessed annually using the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT).  The test is designed to assess students' progress in acquiring both basic and academic English skills, and place students in an appropriate ESL program.


Special Education

Global Concepts is a full inclusion school that offers services to students to help them to be as successful as possible in the general educational setting.  Students who are experiencing significant learning difficulties are referred to the Committee on Response to Intervention. (See Below)  The staff here at GCCS are dedicated to following the R.T.I. process laid out by New York State.  If the student is still having difficulty after going through the R.T.I process, then the student would be referred to the Committee for Special Education (with parental consent) for evaluation to rule out perceptual difficulties, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, visual or hearing impairments, emotional factors, physical limitations, or other disorders.  GCCS maintains its link with the parent district of the child and utilizes their Committee on Special Education, as per charter law.  If a child qualifies for services, the parents along with the Special Education Committee will develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan that will detail services a child will receive.  The student may be provided with Resource Room or related services such as speech/language, occupational therapy, or physical therapy according to need.

The Resource Room Program offers small group supplementary instruction outside of the classroom or specific instruction within the classroom; a Special Education Teacher provides both.

Global Concepts Charter School contracts with outside providers who offer various therapies such as Speech / Language, Occupational, or Physical Therapy.  Services are provided at the school during the regular school day in accordance with an IEP.


School Counselor

The School Counselor offers services to all students in grades Kindergarten through grade 8.  The primary function of the School Counselor is to help resolve situations where behavioral and social barriers interfere with a student's ability to attain his or her potential.  The Counselor provides large and small group instruction to promote study skills, bully prevention, and conflict resolution.

The School Counselor provides confidential individual and group counseling, consults with the child's parents, teachers, principal, and with community agencies serving the student's needs.  Identified students may be those dealing with such stressors as self-esteem, divorce, death, health issues, homelessness, truancy, anger management, violence, socialization skills, special education needs, and alcohol or drug-related issues.


Parent Teacher Association

The PTA recognizes that every child deserves excellence in education and in quality of life.  PTA will maintain its commitment and service to all children and to its diverse membership through increased parent and community awareness, advocacy, education, and involvement.

Global Concepts Charter School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a charter member of the New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc. The PTA plays an important role in the Global Concepts Charter School community working with administrators and teachers to best serve the needs of the students.  This is accomplished thorough advocacy, volunteerism, and fundraising to supplement school programs and events.

The PTA meets monthly and welcomes new members throughout the year. The PTA is an organization for everyone. Make the move that makes a difference-Join PTA.



There are computer labs and computers in some classrooms available for student use with teacher supervision.  GCCS has access to the internet, for which both parents and students must sign an Acceptable Use Policy acknowledging they have read the terms for acceptable internet and computer use.  A copy is included at the end of the handbook for parent and student signature. Inappropriate use of technology can result in disciplinary action.


Safety on the Internet

Some of the web sites that are available on the internet are not suitable for children, just as some TV programs and movies are not.  Students in elementary, middle and high school visit web sites carefully previewed and selected by teachers for student use. 

Listed below are some of the rules students need to follow to keep them safe while using the internet at school as well as elsewhere:

·     Never tell anything about yourself such as your name, your school, or where you live

·     Only visit the websites selected by your teacher

·     Always ask for help if you are unsure, or if you see or read something that is not suitable

·     Keep your passwords a secret


Cell Phones and Electronics

         Policy on Electronic Devices:

            Students are asked to refrain from bringing to school any items that are not needed for instructional/medical purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic devices such as cell phones, CD players, radios, IPOD, MP3 player, etc. as well as any other items deemed by the administration to be inappropriate. None of these devices may be operated during the school day unless specifically authorized by administration. During school hours these items may be confiscated immediately and the appropriate disciplinary measures taken. Students who must bring a cell phone to school may leave the phone in their locker throughout the day.  Locks are provided by Global Concepts for all students in grades 7 and 8.


A student may not use personal electronic devices to take video recordings, audio recordings, and/or photographs of Global Concepts Charter School students, parents, visitors, staff, and/or facility. Students that are caught with recordings or photographs, or that post them to media outlets including, but not limited to, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc. face immediate disciplinary measures and possible prosecution. During school hours these items may be confiscated immediately and the appropriate disciplinary measures taken.


Building Safety

Parking Lot Guidelines

There is absolutely no parking in the loop in front of the school or along side the playground.  Visitors to the school must use the parking lot in front of the playground.  This is necessary to ensure safety of our students.  The loop in front of the school may be used for dropping off students prior to 8:00 a.m.  After 8:00 a.m., please use the parking lot in front of the playground.  Please remember to drive slowly (5 mph) in the loop and never pass a school bus with flashing lights!  These rules are in place to protect our children arriving at school and using the playground.


Visitors - Building Security

All adult and student visitors including volunteers to the school need to sign in with the receptionist upon arrival.  All of the building's entrance doors are locked after 8:00 a.m.  While parents are encouraged to be an active part of their child's classroom and education, we ask that you make prior arrangements, at least 1 day in advance, to visit a classroom, as it can be disruptive to students for a parent to "drop in."



Complaints concerning violations of ESEA Title 1, Parts A,C, and D, or of the General Education Provisions Act; or of Section 100.2(ee) Academic Intervention Services of the Regulations of the Commissioner are covered by these procedures. You can find these procedures at http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/funding/cladcep/ca0809/complaintsappeals.htm

Complaints/appeals regarding the Global Concepts Charter School administration and implementation of its ESEA Title 1 grant or Academic Intervention Services for students identified under Commissioner's Regulations Part 100 should be sent first to the school Principal against whom the complaint is made.


All complaints must:

Ø be written;

Ø be signed by the person or agency representative filing the complaint;

Ø specify the specific requirement  of law or regulation being violated and the related issue, problem, and/or concern;

Ø contain information/evidence supporting the complaint; and

Ø state the nature of the corrective action desired.

Complaints/appeals should be sent to:

                  New York State Education Department

                  Title 1 School and Community Services Office

                  Room 365 EBA

                  89 Washington Ave.

                  Albany, NY 12234

All other formal complaints should follow the above format and be sent to:

                  Global Concepts Charter School

                  Board President

                  1001 Ridge Rd.

                  Lackawanna, NY 14218


Code of Conduct Definitions

I. Definitions


A.         "Disruptive student" is one who is disruptive of the educational process or interferes with the teacher's authority over the classroom.

            B.       "Parent" means parent, guardian or person in parental relation to a student.

C.         "School property" means in or within Global Concepts Charter School, its athletic playing fields,   playground, parking lot, land contained within the school boundary line or on a school bus.

            D.       "Violent student" means one who:


1.  Commits an act of violence upon a school employee, or attempts to do so

2.  Commits, while on school property or at a school function, an act of  violence upon another student or any person

3.  Possesses or displays while on school property or at a school function, a weapon

4.  Threatens, while on school property or at a school function, to use a  weapon or a verbal threat to harm others

5.  Damages or destroys school property or personal property


E.         "Weapon" means a firearm as defined in 18 USC 921 for the purpose of the  Gun Free School Act.  It also means any other gun, BB gun, pistol, revolver, shotgun, rifle, disguised gun,  any type of knife, box cutter, sword, dart gun, stun gun, pepper spray, or other noxious spray, explosive or incendiary bomb,  or other device, instrument, material or substance that can cause physical injury.


II. Student's Rights


A.        Having a safe, healthy, orderly and civil school environment

B.         Taking part in school activities

C.         Accessing school rules and when necessary, receiving an explanation of those rules from school personnel


III.  Student's Responsibilities


A.        Contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly school environment

B.         Be familiar with and abide by all school policies, rules and regulations dealing with student conduct

C.         Attending school daily, on time, and prepared to learn

D.        Work to the best of his/her ability in all academic and extracurricular pursuits

E.         Respond to directions given by teachers, staff and administrators in a respectful, positive manner

F.         Work on acceptable ways to control his/her anger

G.        Ask questions when he/she does not understand

H.        Seek help in solving problems

I.          Dress appropriately for school and school functions

J.          Accept responsibility for his/her actions


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