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Welcome Message from
Principal Mastromatteo

Dear GCCHS Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. I am excited to be returning as the Principal of Global Concepts Charter High School! I am proud to work alongside such great faculty and staff, and I am excited to work with such an amazing community. As a team, the administration, faculty, community, parents, and students, will work to make positive educational experiences for our students and to support them academically and socially.


According to our District Vision Statement states, “All students will be held to high standards, and will be highly supported to reach and surpass those standards.  The Global Concepts Charter School will be known for an innovative curriculum that prepares students academically, as well as in character, for the world of their future.”  We are committed to providing rigorous curriculum, skilled instruction, engaging technology, and a learning environment that responds to individual student needs. We believe that all students are capable of attaining high levels of achievement.


As a staff, we believe in the unlimited potential of our students by respecting and developing their unique learning styles and interests. We set challenging expectations for performance and support all students to achieve them. We believe in collaboration and communication.  As we embark on the 2018-2019 school year, we are excited at the possibilities for our students.    


Go Gators!


Liz Mastromatteo

High School Principal



Ms. Peasland
Ms. Kozoduj              


Ms. Salmon
[email protected]
Ms. Saxer
AIS Math & Alegebra
[email protected]
Mrs. Ramsdell ELA

[email protected]

Mrs. Isaacs
ELA [email protected]
Mr. Petro
Mr. Burchalewski 
Literacy Specialist
Mrs. Diaz
Spanish [email protected]
Ms. Saif
Mrs. Ress
Mr. Greer
Mr. Roman
Social Studies
Mr. Graham
Social Studies
Mr. Mackiewicz
Social Studies
Ms. Braun
Credit Recovery
Mrs. Schroeder
Special Education
Ms. Izard SPED tizar[email protected]
Mr. Klein Athletic Director [email protected]
Mr. Kersten  
Science [email protected]
Ms. Addison Special Education [email protected]
Ms. Belfield Girls PE [email protected]
Mr. Morton Boys PE [email protected]
Ms. Qureshi Fine Arts, new media [email protected]
Mr. Kelly Theater [email protected]
Ms. Kempf Art [email protected]
Mrs. Serrano Band [email protected]
Mr. Kelly Theatre Office [email protected]
Mr. Struckmann Orchestra [email protected]
Ms. Zuo ENL Grades 11-12 [email protected]
Ms. Severino ENL Grades 9-10 [email protected]
Mr. Georger Chorus j[email protected]
Mr. Zamerski Culinary Arts [email protected]


Mr. Michalak
Ms. Rapp
Mr. Clark
Community Outreach Specialist
Ms. Williams District Social Worker K-12 [email protected]
Mrs. Conmy
Mrs. Chapman
Office Manager
Mrs. Galus
[email protected]
Mr. Robinson
Student Development Coordinator
Mrs. Mastromatteo
2018-2019 Back Pack Policy


Students will be allowed to bring any back pack they choose to school. If it is not clear it must go into their locker for the day. If a student would like to carry his or her back pack throughout the day, it must be clear. Students are able to go to their lockers in between class periods to get any needed supplies. Students will be allowed to carry small purses/bags (approximately the size of a tissue box). This is being done as a preventative safety measure for students and staff.