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Global Concepts High School Curriculum

Students entering 9th grade have met the requirements outlined by the Commissioner of Education for successful completion of 8th grade.

New York State requires 22 credits for graduation.

Global Concepts will require 24 credits to include 4 years of math and science. Students at GCCS will be required to take and pass the following courses for Carnegie Credits (1 year of LOTE isrequired for a Regent's Diploma; 3 years is required for an Advanced Regent's Diploma):

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Global Studies I Biology/Living Environment Algebra
Physical Education Art

ELA 10
Global Studies II Earth Science Geometry
Physical Education Health

ELA 11
American History Chemistry Trigonometry LOTE
Physical Education Electives

ELA 12 Economics/Government Physics
Physical Education Electives

The following Regent's exams are required for Diplomas:

Regents Diploma (passing 65+)

Advanced Regents (passing 65+)

Global History English
1 Science
US History

1 Math

Global History
Biology/Living Environment 2
nd Science

US History Algebra Geometry Trigonometry LOTE

*Students with disabilities may continue to use the Safety Net Guidelines

GCCS also offers the following services:

English as a Second Language (ESL) - evaluation and services School Counseling - individual and group
Special Education
- evaluation, referral and instruction Academic Intervention Services (AIS) - evaluation and services

Literacy Specialists - evaluation and services