K – 8 Building: (716) 821 1903

High School: (716) 939-2554

District Office: (716) 821-1903

The Head Coaches for Fall Sports:

Varsity Soccer: Mr. Jared Greer

Varsity Volleyball: Ms Nina Sprowal

Varsity Cross Country: Mr. Antwan Anderson

Modified Soccer: Mr. Kevin Kersten


  1. The first day of Tryouts for Varsity Volleyball and Varsity Cross Country is Monday, August 13th at the High School. Tryouts for Volleyball and Cross Country begin at 8:00 am.  
  2. The first day of Tryouts for Varsity Soccer is Monday, August 13th at the High School and start at 10:30 am. Students interested in participating must email Mr. Greer at [email protected].
  3. The first day of 7th and 8th Grade Modified Soccer Tryouts is Monday, August 20th at the Middle School Gym; the team will not be meeting at Lehigh Soccer Field.  The team will be meeting at the Middle School at 4:30 on both the 20th and 21st to collect paperwork and discuss player responsibilities and team schedules.  Interested students can email Coach Kersten at [email protected]  Daily team practice is scheduled to begin at Lehigh Field, 299 Lehigh St., on Wednesday August 22nd from 4:30 to 6:00.  Students attending try outs should bring their soccer cleats, shin-guards and personal water bottles.
  4. Any students in the 8th grade who wish to try out for a Varsity level sport must contact Mr. Klein by email at jklein @globalccs.org by August 6th.
  5. Students who want to try out for any Fall Season athletic team at Global Concepts High School must have turned in a completed Athletic Department Permission Packet to the building nurse and have a current physical.  The Athletic Department Permission Packets are available at the High School or downloaded using the link below.



Fall 2018 Sports Try-Out Form

Athlete Handbook & Code of Conduct


Fall Schedule